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This is a place for linking to places on the web that are thought-provoking or pleasant to be. You can find links to things I'm interested in under my collections, but this links page is more like a, "Hey, I see what you're doing with your website and I think it's cool" place.

I tend to follow writers, artists, people with lots of web dev resources and skills, and people who have thoughtful takes on the Internet and web revival movement.

Wider Web

Gossip’s Web: the directory of handmade webpages 32-Bit Cafe Ninn Salaün Naive Weekly Rattle: Poetry Wesley Aptekar-Cassels

Neocities Sites I Follow

Key's Klubhouse CircuitGhost Perceval Print Press Witticaster Silent Sun Press Lost Letters Pixel Glade No Happy Nonsense Vivarism On the Verge of Something Suboptimalism V Saint Art Skep's Place motherstone Elagabalium cypressure keeri Hellmouth Bookrat Sculptures Worm God King Just Fluffing Around sorbier sneek's realm The Satyr's Forest Mike Grindle The Renaissance Man, Revisited

I realize that there isn't really a way for you to contact me on this site! That's kind of on purpose! I may add a guestbook or an email address in the future, but for now here is my Neocities profile. Feel free to post a message.